AI Enabled Facilities Management

Seemlessly track and monitor staff. Increase oversight & control through real time status report and improve staff effciencies.

Product Features

Facial Recognition Based

Facial verification of employees using office device or own mobile phone.

Instant Alerts

Employees’ physical location tracked real time and unwanted visitors triggers alerts

Analytics Dashboard

Easy to use, real time, dashboards can be accessed on mobile, PCs and laptops.

Group Attendance

Record attendance of a group together.Useful for housekeeping, security & admin staff.

Geo-fencing Feature

Field staff can log in only from one or more locations assigned to them.

Shift-Wise reports

Reports for different shifts and office locations generated automatically

Live Tracking

Supervisors can monitor employee movements real time.

Supervisory control

Check-in employees when required. Regularise & approve employee adjustments.

Field Reports

Get automated end of day reports with visual map field staff travel.


Higher Accuracy

OPTICK deep learning algorithm for face recognition improves recognition accuracy, compared against other products. With higher accuracy comes better efficiency and a increased user experience.

Better Recognition Speed

The OPTICK Face Recognition Terminals can reach an amazing recognition speed of ≤ 1 seconds, making them ideal options for rush hour usage in companies scenarios where access for large numbers of people is required.

Performs Under Real-World Situations

The OPTICK Face Recognition Terminals perform equally well under low light environments. It works perfectly between 2 to 4 feet even for multiple simultenous logins.

Real-time Analytics

Easy to use, real time, dashboards can be accessed on mobile, PCs and laptops. Client specific custom reports from daily to annual timeframe.

Application Showcase

Competitor Comparison Optick AI Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Facial recognition based
Geotagging alerts
Live tracking
Contactless operation
Custom client reports
Record employee breaks
Supervisor control
Shift specific monitoring
Multi site operations
System Integration
Both LCD and Mobile
Employee messaging
Group attendance
Multi Location



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